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Should fluid intake be limited when acities is present?

Hi, my husband has cirrhosis & is waiting to be assessed for a transplant. He has acities which he feels is getting worse. He's on spirolactone 100mga daily. I have been encouraging 1 1/2 -2 litres a day but am worried this might be making the acities worse?! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

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My husband had an ascites drain a week ago, and has been drinking about 4 litres a day of squash/juice, but

the Dr advised yesterday to stick to about 2 litres so your husband should be fine.Best of luck x


Thanks for that. Helped put my mind at rest :)


My hubby has cirrhosis and on diagnosis nearly 2 years ago was told to limit his fluid intake to 1 1/2 litres per day, his liver specialist later said that 2 litres per day was ok. He is not on any water tablets and thankfully to date has shown no signs of ascites. Too little fluid could possibly lead to issues with kidney function.

Hope all goes well with your hubby.



Thanks Katie. I was thinking about the kidneys too. All the best to you both.


Hi. It is important to keep fluid intake fairly high due to the kidneys struggling from the liver failure. He can be drained regularly for the removal of fluid to make him more comfortable.


My Consultant limits me to 1500ml per day. I am on spironolactone but also on Furosemide too. Spironolactone makes you store potassium and the furosemide releases potassium so they balance each other out. Also a strict no salt diet is really important.

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Yes watch fluid intake. You even have to take the likes of soups, yoghurts, milk in breakfast, pour a Litre of water in a jug, that will help you monitor water intake. Another very very important thing is salt. That is not good at all, and you would be shocked the amount of hidden salt you eat in food, bread is a big thing to watch, so read all labeling of foods, tin and jar foods too eg, tin tomatoes, dolmio sauces too. Hope this helps xxxx


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