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Ultrasound tomorrow

To check if all my ascites has gone after they drained most of it in April - over 10 litres.

Since then I have stopped drinking and followed a low salt diet meticulously. The gastr doc says if I am clear of fluid, I can stop taking the spiro. My stomach is flat, I feel okish...really hope I get a good result.

Either way, I'll still have cirrhosis but hopefully my health has improved somewhat since April. I am no longer under 7 stone for a start, I am nearly 9!

Fingers crossed.

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goood luck for tomorrow! let us know how you get on


Good luck for tomorrow Jo Jo, hope things are showing an improvement.

All the best



Well done Jojo you have made some big progress.


Indeed good luck same position been on and off spiro recently as had dangerously low sodium so had to have a salt diet. Backnon spiro now as started to blot in stomack and anches. Good luck.


Thanks all. Good news is the fluid has gone...yay!

Bad news is my spleen is still enlarged but I am only 5 months sober so I am hoping that will improve.

My last blood results including synthetic (albumen) were nearly back to normal. I need the final nod from gastro to stop the 25mg of spiro I am on and then see how things go.

Thank you for your support. X


well done lke urself i had ten litres drain got liver chirrousis was 10 stone and iam 6ft 2years later of beer my results are best they ever been still on sprio but am 14st now watch out for sugar intake i got dieabetis type 2 eat healthy as u can and keep good work up


Thanks, Funny you should say that. I am being tested for diabetes next week as my average blood glucose level is 16mmol. Are you on medication for diabetes or is it diet controlled?

P.s. I have been off spiro for 2 weeks and the ascites hasn't returned so far.


on metaformin hope u get good results diabetes pain in arse got to eat reg and cut sugar out no fresh cream cakes still do but eat fruit veg as well


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