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Sometimes help comes too late


Just to say my husband passed today with multiple organ failure ultimately related to his cirrhosis. We didn't even make it to the transplant list. Of course not everyone can. So when the docs say stop drinking and eat well those are the only treatments that are in your hands whereas everything else is at their discretion, combined with lots of needles. Love each other and take care of yourselves.

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I am so so very sorry, and I truly no how you are feeling, I was with my son and held his hand till he left me with the same as your husband my thoughts are with you love Ruby xxx

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I know it does not help, but, much love from Tatjana xxx


So sorry. Much love. Woodtree. Xxx

Sad to read your news about your loss and just wish I knew what words to write. You will be in my thoughts and prayers at this painful time.

No words can express how sorry I am to read your post.

It will remain with me,and you in my thoughts and prayers

David xxx

I am so sorry for your loss, your words are a very powerful message for us all, you are in my heart and thoughts.

So sorry to hear your sad news, sending you a big hug and love xxx

So very sorry to read your news this morning. Thank you for your message, I know your words will have made many us think about how well we are looking after ourselves, as you say, sometimes its all we can do. Sending you strength to carry on.

Love Pen

very sorry to hear about your loss

Sending you hugs

So sorry, hope you are going to be ok, xxxx


So sorry for your loss. Much love xxxx

Dear Carer2709 I so sorry to hear your news today, you and your family are in my prayers. Take special care of yourself from another widow x

Wise words carer and brave of you to post here so soon after your loss. Take care.

You are a very brave woman, my thoughts are with you, please take of yourself.

So very sorry for your loss.

Hope this will be of some comfort. So sorry to hear of your loss.

Death is nothing at all

I have only slipped away into the next room

I am I , and you are you

Whatever we were to each other , that we still are

Call me by my old familiar name

Speak to me in the easy way you always used

Put no difference in your tone

Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we enjoyed together

Think of me and smile

Let my name be the household name that it always was

Let it be spoken without a trace of a shadow on it

Life means all that it ever meant

It is the same as it ever was

There is unbroken continuity

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight

(Canon Henry Scott-Holland)

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It's lovely I had this read at my son's funeral .

Dear carer2709,

Just wanted to add my love and prayers to the wonderful support above and say how sorry I am for your sad loss. Your advice makes a lot of sense, sadly , for some of those we love the damage is so severe by the time they get a diagnosis, there is nothing anyone can do. My younger brother was diagnosed with cirrhosis in August last year after going to the doctor with what we now know was portal hypertension, a failing spleen and ascites in June. He died at the beginning of October and it was so hard in the last few days to accept there was nothing he or the doctors could do to reverse the damage or stop its inevitable outcome.

As you say, love each other, treasure life and remember those we've lost with love and gratitude.

Love and best wishes for your future , God bless

Big sis

So sorry to hear your news

So very sorry to hear of your sad loss, all our thoughts, love,and prayers are with you look after yourself, be kind to yourself. Angse

Really sorry to hear of your loss, take care of yourself. xxx


Dear Everyone many many thanks for all your kind words and thoughts - Sheana the poem is beautiful and we will be using it at the funeral. I am like a boat lost in a storm sometimes finding calm waters and sometimes overwhelmed by waves of grief, but he is in my heart to help me x

My love, thoughts and prayers, brave lady. Wish I had the command of the language enough to find words to help you at this time of great pain. I so hope you have family, friends and much support. May you feel their strength and love.

Please look after you - it's so easy to neglect oneself at times like this.

God bless, this comes with a huge hug.

I just read about your husband passing away seemed to happen suddenly for you, as you mentioned you were hoping to get his name on a transplant list.. I want to let you to know that my prayers and thoughts are with you as you grieve. I hope you have family/friends to support you during this tough time.x ps I really liked that poem Sheana posted too...

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