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Blood results!

I had some bloods taken a few weeks back and my liver consultant asked me to get them repeated in a few weeks because one of my enzymes was high. I got them repeated last week and got in touch with her today about the results. Nornally she would say they are completely fine and then go through them with me. Today however she said they are basically ok but what medication are you on? She has my medication wrote down so she must have thought i had been taking something new because when i told her se said they shouldn't be affecting me. When i asked if something was affecting my bloods she said that it is probably nothing but there is a blip in my blood results which ahe is going to keep an eye on and not to worry. Of course, she wants me to get them repeated again soon to keep track of whatever. She probably doesnt want to go into too much detail about it in case it worries me, knowing my consultant. Does anyone know what enzymes do what in cirrhosis? What enzymes are raised other than biliruben and which are decreased other than albumin?

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Hi Jessica

Lots of guesswork here and it might be worthwhile making another phone call to your consultant to get some more information and some reassurance. The best way of getting that is to ask her the questions you have asked us and to let her know that keeping the detail away from you is more worrying.

My experience is that they always ask what your medications are - my guess is that it is to make some estimate of your compliance.


I think the two main 'enzymes' within the Liver Function Test (LFT) are Alanine transaminase (ALT) and Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP).

The other parts of the LFT are Albumin and Bilirubin but albumin is a protein and bilirubin is I think something to do with haemoglobin so these are not enzymes.

Elevated ALT and ALP usually indicate inflammation of or injury to the liver.

If they were very high I suspect she would be calling you in, so hopefully they are just slightly elevated and she's hoping to get a better picture with further testing, to see if its a blip or a persistent trend upwards.


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