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Summoned By the Doctor

Opps I am in the bad books. Had a very bad LFT, FB and U&E test this week. Results all over the place. My CPR is 91 from 2 and ESR is raised again to 45. LFT well all out of range and FBs are not much better. I think and hope it's just the reaction to my recent infection of food poisoning, that might account for CPR being another week of appointments, Gastro specialist, Dr, MRI and then dentist...I might be able to fit a life in next week!!!!

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Hi Bigplanet67. Oh dear!, food poisening?, thats all you need! Well, I do hope that thats you getting over it and now surely your test results will improve.. Good luck with your -busy!- diary this week, hope you manage to fit in some 'me' time. Good luck!


Sorry to hear you're in amongst it just now and hope everything goes well with all the appointments!!


Oh dear. Baffling how these things can go all over the place suddenly. Lucky you are so closely monitored. Hope things improve.


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