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Assessment update


My husband went in for his 1st assessment - stayed in hospital for a week - back yesterday. He had loads of tests, they call it an MOT - as I suppose it is when you have everything checked out: heart, lungs, kidneys etc...

We were told mid week that he was more than likely to be listed for transplant. We were told today that he isn't going to be listed :(

He will be put on Refaximin for Hepatic Enca.... (the brain thingy). Then assessed every 6 weeks. Just had lots of ups and downs this week...

Will update on how he gets on...


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Hello I hope everything works out for your husband. I can understand how your feeling. Did they tell you why he can't have the transplant? Please don't give up hope. xx



They say he needs to take refaximin to sort out the toxins in his brain - they say that he will be reviewed in 6 weeks, I suppose it's a waiting game... When your liver is on a timer - not great:(

Thank you for your kind words...


Day 3 refaximin: sleeping better, stopped non stop blabbering - but it comes in bursts - this can then go on for ages:) Seems to be taking meds with less of a battle (usually refuses point blank)

Cardiologist has given all clear for his heart:)

I will update on how the med is working as we go along. It isn't readily available - very expensive to prescribe - hopefully be able to share how he is doing on it:)

Off to the smoking clinic - got to give up ciggies:)

Pear shaped:)


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