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Doing less is more

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Due to family commitments have had a doing less week In terms of running and everything else.. just a 5K on Monday and intervals on Wednesday .

The only extra I have done is a wall sit challenge now half way through a 4 week challenge..

I am raring to get back to my usual routine from tomorrow morning..

The body I hope is saying thank you as i have probably been on one for a while lol

It isn't always easy to take a step back and do less we are our own worst enemies sometimes..

I now a convert to the doing less occasionally team ... happy days mind and body refreshed

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I've just come back from 2 weeks off... and my body didn't hate me too much! I like the idea of the wall sits though - you can do that anywhere, even on holiday...

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

It found the wall sit challenge on running bug site... It is definitely do anywhere ..

Thanks! I will have a look.

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

Thanks! I will give it a go...

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I know what you mean Rob. Life gets in the way sometimes and we have to do what we can. My running is just ticking over this summer as it's been too sticky for me. But I have been going to the gym more and doing other stuff so this will help when I start back in a routine.

Easing off every now and again is a good move for anyone 🙂

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

The heat and humidity has been a bit of a killer this year.. darei ssy i am lookkng forwardto some cold frozty mornings it will be running tights time YAY 😂😂

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IrishprincessAmbassador in reply to Slow_Rob

Ooh yes tights 😳 forgot about those 😏 I can't wait for cold frosty mornings ....❄️❄️

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I'm goimg to try the wall challenge. Looks painful! 🤪🤪

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to Ang33333

Some bits have been easier than others .... have had jelly legs a couple of times ..

The 20 second sit repeats are the hardest I think ..

If it all helps it is worth it 😊😊

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Doing less will be refreshing. It’s about quality rather than quantity. Being less frenetic is a good thing. You will feel much more relaxed

Yeah bring on the cold, frosty mornings. I am already googling winter weight light reflective run tights as mine are now too big! 😁. Happy days

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Good thinking misswobble .. time for some new ones for me too 😊

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I like Ron Hill ones. They have a big pocket in the back, waist cord, zip ankles and lots of reflective stuff, plus they’re fleece lined. Mine are fine but just too big for me now. Think Norah Batty ☺️

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Oooh trying not to think Norah Batty 😂

I haven't really run properly all summer, due to heat and family commitments. Now the weather is cooler, I moved house (still half way through moving - half life in rental house, half in new home) and my parents have gone completely spanner. Mum with dementia and stroke in hospital, dad with dementia in respite care home, both mad, neither know where they are, both hospital and carehome admin the worst I have ever come across. The world's gone mad. I did put on a stone through the summer, but the good news is I know no longer have time to eat so the weight is falling off.

I think what I'm saying Rob is sometimes stuff gets in the way. But we are runners, and running will always be there waiting for us when we have time again.

I'm in the rental right now waiting for a load of washing to spin, as we haven't had time to move it up to the new house yet, so I thought I'd log into email and see what the world was doing, and there you were, a friendly voice.

Keep on, chum, and I'll join you in a couple of months x

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Slow_RobGraduate10 in reply to useitorloseit

Hi useitorloseit sorry to see you are having a bit of a time with everything especially your parents ..

Something's in life are more important and it is easy to forget how lucky we all are to be cable to do what we do ..

Look forward to seeing you back x

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