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So happy I started this running!


I started the c25k when we booked a holiday back in February that included a 9km trek. At the time I was so unfit that I could barely walk up a hill, let alone run for any distance.

Since then I have graduated from both the c25k and the b210k program and am so thankful for the support that I have received from reading all the posts on these forums, and the progress I have made.

We did our trek this week, it was 3 hours clambering along rice terraces, up and down shear slopes, very muddy and slippery, and the hardest thing I have ever done. But thanks to the training my legs held out and I finished intact.

I feel better in myself too. More confident to try new things and I definitely have loads more energy.

I still need to lose weight, and work on my overall balance and flexibility, but I’m looking forward to meeting these challenges while maintaining the running.

So thank you to all of you who keep everyone motivated!

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What an inspirational post for all of us :)


You have done brilliantly and what a trek, it sounds absolutely amazing... have you any pikkies for us please:)

I think the benefits from the runs, just keep coming don't they... loads of areas in which we feel so much better... :)

Keep on running..keep on posting please:)


That's amazing. what a journey. Inspirational. Yes, do post pics.

That's incredible. Well done :-) I'm now doing regular park runs. I got my PB yesterday 30.39 and was chuffed. I'm walking the Yorkshire 3 peaks on 1st September and tbh, I'm not sure how my legs will hold up but you've certainly given me a boost of inspiration.

Keep it up

That’s a tough walk, but you will be fine! Just remember all you have achieved so far. Well done on your PB too, a very good time!

Thank you (fingers crossed)


Amazing, well done 😊

Thank you! Pictures unfortunately are on my camera rather than my phone and will take me a few days to sort out. I will find a couple though as the scenery was amazing, when I wasn’t looking where my feet we going!


You’re doing brilliantly RIS! Well done on your recent trek - can’t wait to see the pics! 😃❤️❤️


Fantastic 👏👏👏 you've gone from strength to strength.

What a fantastic acheivement. Waiting to see those brilliant pics! 😁


Fantastic post thanks. And really well done. I’m working on balance and strengthening now. So much to learn. The psychological benefits are amazing too. We can endure !

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