Free Jogging book

Have found this book by Arthur Lydiard on the net Lydiard is one of the most famous of all old time running trainers.

I am interested to read this because it seems to me that a lot of the info on the internet pertains to modern day competitive running. The fact that Lydiard uses the word "jogging" in his title appeals to me ( as a non-competitive runner ) :)

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  • I like "jogging" too, sounds old-school and more fun than running!

  • Excellent!😊

  • Thanks Baz. I will get a copy

  • Anybody read this yet??? Any thoughts??

  • Hi Bazza, thanks for this, I'm only a few pages in but it's a very good read! I've saved it to my iBooks until more time comes along - having said that I'll probably finish it this evening and get back to you.

  • It is quite dated - but much of his theories are well accepted by others these days. Just note that most of his training ideas came about from racing or his desire to figure out how to train racers. So some aspects of his training theories might not be applicable to you (or me) :) he basically says that we should all be training fairly slowly for long periods for a long time before we even think about racing or running fast intervals etc.

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