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Well that was a funny run this morning. I've decided to use my Garmin heart rate monitor thingy to train with. Downloaded a plan from Garmin to the watch, clever me.!!. I found it quite hard to keep in the correct "easy" zone but got round most of the run in or just above where I was supposed to be. Seemed very slow and it actually added 10 mins to my normal 10 k time. Time will tell if this training regime will get me running better / faster / longer/ easier but I will give it my best shot. Happy days everyone. Andy

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  • If you are going to do heart rate training, you will largely have to forget about "pace". You are probably going to be surprised to see how high your HR goes during a so-called "normal" run 

  • I'm finding HRM training very interesting.   I'm really good at sticking to it for nearly the whole of the run but there is just this last bit about 3/4 of a km on the way home I now have a tendency to just let loose and go for it, it just feels so good to have something in the tank to leg it for the last bit,  I take it as my speed training, it's probably not the best but it's fun😀.  

  • I started HRM training last week after RFC inspired me :-) it's certainly an eye opener to see how slow I should be going right now. Although, I'm building back now after a long stint on the IC, so it's not a bad thing for me. I'm hoping it'll help keep me off the Injury Couch in the longer term. 

    I'd be really interested to hear how you get on with the garmin training plan, I didn't know you could do that! :-)

  • Have a look on Garmin connect on your computer. Under training plans in the menu. Various plans for 5 k upto marathon. With or without heart monitor training. Worth a laugh I thought. 

  • Thank you, I will take a look tomorrow :-) not sure if it'll work for me right now as my heart rate zones aren't what garmin seems to think they are! 

  • Just had a look on garmin and can even customise the HR zones :-D 

    Gabby (the garmin) is amazing, thank you for the tip!

  • Your very welcome. It's hard at first to keep in the zones but it does get easier and I hope gets me stronger and fitter. Good luck. 

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