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the 5 aural zones of training

While trying to understand the 5 HR zones commonly described in heart rate training articles, I found this simple explanation.

Zone 1 - recovery --- you can sing ( walking and extremely slow jogging)

Zone 2 - aerobic - you can carry out a complete conversation (slow easy running)

Zone 3 - high aerobic - you can say a few single sentences ( steady pace , long runs)

Zone 4 - aerobic threshold - you can only use single words ( tempo paced runs tempo paced intervals)

Zone 5 - anaerobic -- you can say nothing! ( sprinting, fast paced race finishes. intervals)

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Interesting....what zones are we supposed to run in??


Basically - all of them

But it is said ( and I believe it) that most people gravitate towards zone3 because it is "comfortable)" and do most of their running there . Most running should be in zone2 ( easy conversational pace) but people don't because it is too slow and is actually quite hard on legs. Some running should be in Zones 4&5 ( tempo running in zone 4 and fasthill/intervals in zone 5) but most people don't because those zones hurt too much!!

It is said than most people run too hard on their easy days and run too easy on their hard days :) Ultra-runners ( like you) should spend most of your time in Zones 1&2 :)

But - what would I know??? :)


This bit is just as interesting as your main post !



That all makes a lot of sense and something to think about... Thand for sharing...


That's interesting. Thanks Bazza.


Thanks for that, have always wondered what it the HR zones meant on my watch!! Now I know :D


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