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My Experience as a third person - Towards the End!

So as the day and date for first chemotherapy was decided, we all were kinda feeding mom with healthy food as well as lot of care so that she can easily face the therapy without breaking down!!

The day arrived and we were there before time to avoid any problems!! Again we had few relatives coming to visit mom at center. Every one was tensed. Thoughts that went in every one's mind were :

How would Chemo actually be?

Will she start feeling weak during the process?

Will her hair start falling down from the day 1 itself?

Will she feel really very hot?

Will she feel irritating and annoyed?

And so on...

(these thoughts might seem silly but it does cross our minds for once at least)

But with the Gods grace everything went superbly fine. She wasn't so weak. Nor did her hair fall. Chemo turned out to be simple thing to be done frequently as doctor says!

And till first few chemo cycles, mom was okay and not bad at all.. She would feel bit weak for few days after chemo but then she would resume her routine life.

Excess heat, hair fall wasn't that bad as we all thought.

We let her do what she wanted and not treat her like a patient. We included her in all family discussions and made her feel equally important.

We had exclusive support of our doctor. We owe major things to him!! He was the one who said let "let her do what she wants. Let her eat food of her choice, but make sure its healthy. Make her feel loved."

We did as we were told!! And results were indeed best!!!!!

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Very real situation, HelpingHand. Many patients are very worried, when it comes to chemotherapy; but with a little 'helping hand' we can help them get over it quickly. Also, true facts are a must. Many patints and their relatives have a lot of misconceptions about chemotherapy.


Dear helpinghand family had been in same situation and all that I can say is that strong will power is all u need to face this monstrous disease .... ..


sumeet_shah misconceptions gets cleared when you sit with your doctor and speak about it.

1028, this is the case of every family! and as you said will power is must to face this diseases :)


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