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My Experience as a third person - The Beginning

Being a daughter, I was the first person to whom my mom shared (even before dad) that she felt a lump upon her breast. She was worried and so was I. But decided against letting her know my concern through my expressions.

I told her "Mom, I guess it won't be something major. But still lets go to family doctor and get it examined."

My straight forward reply did make her feel better and less worried. But soon a visit to doctor turned every nightmare into reality.

She cried. She was scared. She faked smile but from with in she was sad. She was just being humane. It was like one fine day you wake up and realize that you have a cancer. This mere thought would be enough for someone to get a heart attack!

We still did not want to take risks so, as suggested by doctor, we got few tests done! They were positive. Now the questions began - What to do now? Who would be a best doctor? What would be the treatment like? How bad would the cancer be? What stage of cancer it is? Would i get bald through treatment? and on and on...

Every time we got nearer to the answer of any of these questions, answer changed!!!

Thanks to the human habit of asking lot of people for their opinions. Mr. A said that Dr. X was good and best for breast cancer, we took his appointment. Than, Mr. B has his opinion for Dr. Y, we ended up showing him too. This happens to everyone and we were no exceptions.

Panic and stress for patient and family members was unavoidable.

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A very very real situation, of what all cancer patients and their families pass through...

Waiting to read the next part to this.


Many many thanks for leaving this post. this is exactly the kind of account that will benefit people who are just at the beginning. Please continue to share your experience because others will follow after you. Thanks again


Thanks for sharing this post. Managing stress is definitely a big issue for both patient and caregiver. I know one thing, where you'll see an utmost faith in your doctor, you will not have to question your decision and what others say will not matter. It will be a bond of trust and good faith between you and your provider.


Very correctly said, Shikha. This trust on the doctor is very important. A lot of 'doctor shopping' usually occurs when there is cancer, different doctors say different things and people are confused. It's actually very easy to find out if the doctor is knowledgeable or not. The doctor's conviction, the way he explains the disease and treatment; ask leading questions. Dr. Google is also very helpful, if you use it correctly.


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