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My Mother diagnosed with breast metastasis cancer in brain, lymph node and bones. Need Guidance to prolong her life as much as possible.

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Brain tumor surgery operated and then we came to know she has metastasis cancer with breast cancer being primary in biopsy test.

Radiotherapy SBRT to d1 lession & brain Completed. Weak due to brain tumour removal surgery.

Brain receptors result

ER : 8/8

- PR : 4/8

- HER2 : 3+

❖ IHC :

- CK, EMA, GATA3 : Positive

- GFAP, S100, TTF1, PAX8, CK7, CDx2 : Negative

Left Breast Biopsy: (BSb); Malignant. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma; Grade 2; Left Axiiia :Metastatic carcinoma

Breast biopsy-

R(SP1) :Positive (7/8) ; R(1E2) :Positive (4/8) HER2 Neu (Score 2+) Fish test - negative (amplified)

Money is not an issue, she has good amount of insurance policy.

Please guide what’s should I do next -

What kind of treatment, where, how, everything.

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Since whole brain radiation has been done, now the next step would be to consult a Medical Oncologist and start chemotherapy or hormonal therapy or targeted therapy. The Med Onc will assess her general condition, review all the reports and then, depending on her condition, decide what drugs to give. And then plan the drug dosages accordingly.

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