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how safe is skipping chemo on the basis oncotype value

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what are the dietary advises for dcis on treatment

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Was surgery performed? We're the margins and sentinel nodes clear? Was radiation done to follow up? Whether chemo is advised, or not, would depend on several factors, starting with these.

There is no special diet advised. Just eat a healthy, balanced diet. If there is nausea because of treatment there are meds to help with that, and you can adjust your diet to things that appeal to you until you feel better, but it is important to have good nutrition and stay hydrated. The exception would be if your neutrophils drop to very low. You then need to be very careful about infections - lots of hand washing and disinfecting things, and well cooked foods only. No salads or buffets where food has been sitting out or handled by others. Fruits like bananas or oranges with a thick skin are usually OK, but should be well washed before peeling.