doctor my hand on which chemo was given the vain is still having swelling and reddish patch and it is paining

some times i will be going for second chemo in next weekpl. tell me how it will go. and for further what precautions shall i take so that i will not have same problem. doctor i also want to know that as i m professional and have to go and have to be in sun. i am told by every one that take rest. As i have told that in the second week i had started going on my work. i want to know that is it ok i go for out for work or i should take rest till the whole chemo is over. if my going out will harm me any way.

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  • Shirdi after the chemo did you. Apply thrombofom on your hand? Please do for at 2/3 days after the chemo. It helps to relieve the swelling and pain to snome extent. if you can manage then it is better to go back to work after a few days of chemo, it keeps you occupied and helps mentally too . Rest is of course necessary for the first few days specially if you are having nausea and stuff like that. Do take a lot of care of your diet . Your oncologist should be your best friend and advisor for any difficulties you face. Also do share your experience in this forum so that others are also benefitted and of course Dr. Sumeet can give you some valuable suggestions. Wishing you all the strength and best wishes . Recover fast and get well soon.


  • thanks for ur valuable suggestions i will follow the same

  • Shirdi, this is a common situation. As rgci said, you can use Thrombophobe ointment twice a day. Apart from that, it should settle on its own.

    You can very well go to work, and you must. Just avoid crowded places and avoid dehydration at any cost (it's very hot everywhere). Ensure that you maintain your intake of water and fluids to at least 3 to 4 litres per day. You might feel a little more tired than usual, it's because of effects of chemo. Keep on eating something and giving your body energy.

  • thanks doctor shah. with ur help it is very easy for me to over come any problem. i will follow what u said. thanks a lot once again

  • Hello Shirdi

    I am fully agree with shah,s suggestions.Keep yourself safe from any infection because body,s immunity level became low during chemo.You must take very high protines diet as well as liquids about 3-4 litres a day.keep yourself busy if you can.Wish you all the strength to win this special task given by God.All the best.Pl keep sharing.

  • thanks for ur wishes. i really need it.

  • Hello shirdi!health is wealth as all of us know but still we tend to take it for according to me you can work but in limits so that you don't get over tired.take care of your diet and fluid intake.wish you a speedy recovery,god bless u and do keep us posted.

  • hanks mintzz. u know now a days this site is my best friend in which i can share so many things. thanks for ur wishes and blessings

  • Shirdi, we are happy to know this. And that is very much the aim of this forum. We wish more and more patients to interact with other patients and survivors and help each other. There's lots to learn from others' experiences.

  • Hi Shirdi - I also feel the same that this forum is the best to get any help & guidance. As our personal experience is that the doctors do not give us the time we are expecting from them, due to which our questions get unattended - may be they are too busy with the patients.

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