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Cost of radiation therapy

Please tell me approximate cost of LRRT radiation therapy 40Gy/15fraction from private hospital

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It may range between 1 to 3 Lakhs depending on Centre, type of machine, type of radiation and many other factors. There is no ballpark figure that can be given.

To give you an analogy, It’s like asking what is the cost of Idli Sambhar in Mumbai? It could be as low as ten rupees on roadside to as high as 150 to 200 in a five star one. No one can answer that.

My suggestion is, ask your radiation doctor about the details. And in case you are not comfortable with cost, take an opinion from another Centre. Take a careful call and start radiation.

Your earlier question on the same:

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Agree with Sumeets Reply and his Idli Sambhar analogue:-):-:-)

80 k to 1.5 Lakh would be range

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Thanks sir


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