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about radiation

my mother had a mastactomy of right breast.

tumar size-1.8*1.5*1.2 cm

3 of 17 lymph nodes show metastasis with size of largest deposit being 1.3*0.7 cm

pathological stage-pT1c N1a

er-98% pr-95% her-2 negative


cancer is localised only

she completed 3 cycles of ac and 2 cycles of docetaxel

i want to know if radiation is a must in her case if so then by how much % it will prevent recurrence.

what kind of radiation and how many sessions are requires if so.

cost of radiation in private hospital


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Published in Lancet Oncology in 2014, is an Individual Patient data - Meta-analysis (Level 1a Evidence)

Essentially, this IPD Meta-analysis showed that in women who had 1-3 positive nodes, postmastectomy radiotherapy reduced the recurrence rate by 32% and reduced the breast cancer mortality rate by 20%. The benefit was similar whether women had only 1 positive node or whether they had 2 or 3 positive nodes.

Radiotherapy from 2014 onwards in strongly recommended.

Cost differs from hospital to hospital and will range from 1-3 lakhs based on whether u r offered, 3 DCRT, IMRT or IGRT


thanks doc,one more thing

what is the standard protocol in her case i.e which type of radiation and for how many sessions .

what are the side effects and are they as bad as chemo side effects


Three weeks of Radiation

40 Gy/15#

The choice of Radiation depends on your affordibility to go for

Basic : 3DCRT

Intermediate: IMRT

Advanced: IGRT

The choice depends on your pocket size, and perhaps the Radiation Centre and the ability of the Radiation Oncologist to help this.

You need a consultation of 45 minutes to.understand the procedure and.the potential side effects of this Treatment and is difficult to explain in writing.

Your anxiety and stress levels would significantly vanish /reduce once you see a Qualified Radiation Oncologist who will help you with all the burning questions you have within yourself.

All the best !


is there any difference in the overall outcome from the above types of radiation apart from the price.


Efficacy of Treatment : No

Difference in side effect and toxicity: Yes


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