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My mom suffering from Breast Cancer pleased help for your adviced. Age 66 years


Breast Cancer IHC4 Panel Report

ER : 80% moderate nuclear staining ( allred Score 7/8)

PR: negative

Her2: Score 3+, positive

ki67 : 50%

Right Breast Lumps: Breast Biopsy Show Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma of intermediate nuclear Score expressing ER & Her2

Pleased Tell me This report how i can find stage what can i do

docter suggested me Chameotharapy

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We understand your situation, we are with you.

From this report, stage cannot be made out. As for how to stage, there is clinical staging and there is pathological staging. Clinical staging is considered where surgery hasn’t been done yet. Pathological staging is when surgery has been done. It is beyond the scope of this forum to discuss staging in detail here as it is a two way talk and one answer from me will prompt you to ask another five questions from you and that’s why a two way discussion with your Oncologist is a must.

You will need to ask your doctor about stage. I suggest you sit with your doctor and talk in detail and understand the following:

1. What stage is it? How did he achieve that staging? According to that stage, what are the standard treatments available?

2. Chemo is planned. What to expect? Should a PORT be inserted? What is a PORT and how does it work and what possible benefits and problems of same?

3. What possible care and side effects of chemo?

4. What other treatment may be needed?

5. Is chemo the only treatment? Will targeted treatment be needed? Is surgery needed? If no, why? If yes, what could be possible options?

We strongly urge you to ask all your doubts to your Oncologist first. After that if you have some doubts, we are here to guide. It should not be the other way around. We wish luck to your mother. She will be fine soon, just follow what your doctor tells you to.

wass123 in reply to sumeet_shah

sumeet ji i also consult docter he suggested me cheamothraphy and i given first cheamo on 30-11-2018 then relief all pain today i m very happy but i dont know how given cheamo cycles. doc assistance said i will decide after 2 chemo.


Agree with Dr Sumeet.

Please seek Oncologists Opinion in your mothers best interest.

Please understand and follow advice accordingly.

All the best to your mother.

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