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My mother ductal carcinom.. Then surgery mastectom.. And er,pr possitive and her2-boderline..please tell me this treatmentand any suggestin...

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Treatment is not decided by tumour Markers, it is decided by stage and the Histopathology report. Request you doctor to answer following questions in details:

1. What is the stage?

2. What is the further treatment needed?

3. If treatment needed, what are the costs of same?

4. According to your mothers age, what possible side effects?

5. Any test to be done for HER2 being 2 +

Your oncologist is the right person to help you. We cannot give opinion here seeing a few reports. And one line written by me will invite another 5 questions from you. So, best is to discuss face to face with your Oncologist and ask all questions there.


Thank you...but her2 boderline it's means


Mr Bijoydas it seems your doctor has advised FISH analysis for HER 2 Status and u r trying to confirm that ..if that is right or not ??

If so, your oncologist is absolutely right. You need the Her 2 testing by FISH analysis and possibly chemotherapy and Herceptin if Her 2 positive.

Dr Sumeet has mentioned the decision on treatment likes with your oncologist


Thank you....sir


But,,her2 report is boderlin...


Borderline means, it could either be positive or negative, we are not sure. Since it is borderline, it’s important to confirm whether it is positive or negative. Becasue, if it is positive, there is some treatment (Trastuzumab) which can be added. If negative, that treatment is not needed to be added. So get a FISH test done.


The prof..oncologist advice my mother camotherphy


Yes. If your Oncologist has advised it, please go ahead. Chemotherapy is well tolerated by almost all. Doses are also adjusted according to age, so don’t worry.

We pray for good health for your mother.