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Herceptin (trazumab 440) freezed by mistake

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I accidentally freezed Herceptin drug(trazumab 440mg) for one day. I haven't opened it yet, I kept it in the freezer of my home refrigerator directly when I recieved it from the pharmacy. Can I use it now? Will it be effective? Or is it best to buy a new one?

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The storage temperature of Trastuzumab is 2 to 8 Deg C. So if it got frozen it will be ineffective. It is advisable to purchase new one. I have read somewhere, it's efficacy goes down by 10% for every 1 Deg C temperature above or below its storage temperature.

Thanks a lot for the reply. In the box it says "Do not freeze the reconstituted solution." I haven't even opened the box. And hence I was asured that the medicine will be good to use and need not be replaced. Do you still think it is adviced to purchase a new one? Please help me out with this!

Yes, I think so. The storage temperature of the lyophilised powder is also in the range of 2-8Deg C.

Also, I hope you are getting Intas Pharma - Eleftha

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MsLockYourPostsTeamBCI in reply to Karthik08

Talk to your pharmacist or doctor. They have probably dealt with this question before.

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