Switching Cancer drug from BICELTIS to BIOCON

Hi.. My aunt got diagnosed with Breast cancer last year. After chemo we were advised by the doctor to continue with Herceptin. We are using BICELTIS(herceptin drug available in India). Recently Biocon has got FDA approval for their herceptin drug. Is it advisable to switch to it from Biceltis? We are having this question due to the financial constrain; The cost will reduce 20K per vial. So any suggestions will be really helpful.

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  • The right person to advise would be a Medical Oncologist, we don’t have any on the board.

    However, I do agree with you, that since Biocon has now got a USFDA approval, which is actually very difficult to get (especially for a Biosimilar), one can definitely give The a Biocon version also. Should not be a problem. Please go ahead.

  • thank u

  • Seek Permission from your Medical Oncologist, if he/she is ok with that .. it should be fine.

  • thank u

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