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Can any one tell me the price of Biceltis(by emcure) and Herclon (by Roche).I heard Herclon(Roche) MRP is 75000INR.Can any one help me upto how much price we can bargain these medicines from dealers.My mom completed 4 chemo cycles now.From 5th cycle we are planning to give Herceptin with chemo.

Thanks in adance.

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  • chandraa, just hold on for a few weeks.

    Biocon is launching it's Trastuzumab (Herceptin) on 16th Jan and Mylan is launching on 1st Feb. I had met the authorities of both these companies. They did not commit any exact price, but told it will definitely be lower than the present brands in the market. I am going to attend the launch function. Once I know something more, I shall let you know

  • Thanks doctor.My mother 5th cycle chemo is on 29 jan.My oncoligist says it will give good result if we give with chemo.

  • kindly let me know the price as i am also a HER positive and adviced to take hercptin 16 cycles. Do tje govt hospitals give them for lower cost?

  • Hi Chandraa, I had purchased Biceltius 440 mg at Rs.54000.00 from Kolkata. As advice by Dr Shah, If possible wait for the new medicine to be launched by Biocon and Mylan.

  • Thanks Attuul.Ok i will wait for few more days.

  • Hi, Chandraa, Just read in Economic Times today that Biocon has introduced Canmab (Herceptin) today at Rs 19,500 per vial and will be available in Market from 1 st week of Feb. Dr Summet, Sir can we have Canmab instead of Herceptin / Biceltius as prescribed by the Dr presently.

  • Thanks

  • it should cost you 52500 rs.. ask for biceltis .. both are same ... contact dirctly with the company executive ..

  • thanks

  • Hi, Partha Can you please guide us the contact no of stockist at Kolkata from where we can purchase Biceltius at Rs. 52500.00 Last time I had purchased the same at Rs. 54000.00

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all.I bought Herceptin(Roche) 440mg for 56000INR in chennai.

  • Chandra send me ur number if u r in Kolkata...can give u a few numbers of stockists here

  • i am from chennai.I bought herclon(roche) for 56K INR.can we get it more cheaper?

  • Inj biceltius 440mg costs 45000/= at Tata memorial hospital Mumbai can anyone help me out

  • Tata Memorial Centre will have the one of the cheapest rates. They have a very good social worker network, who can guide you to get some supporters.

  • Do you know any Tata medical volunteer number

  • I dont know volunteer number

  • See on the Tata medical website

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