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Hospital in Pune

Hello All,

Which hospital is better in Pune for Chemotherapy? Lata Mangeshkar or Orchid? pleasae let me know.

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For Chemotherapy don't just see big hospitals - you can even see a small hospital - the doctors should be good who can hear and attend to you

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Agree... Doc is same in both hospitals.. I am looking for which has better treatment and cost effetive. can you advice which is better if not these 2? in Pune?



If doc is the same in both hospitals, then it is preferable to ask the doc only about the comfort level and the cost factor involved. Then you can take a call where to go. You doc will be able to help you better than any of us here on forum who do not know anything about either Hospital.


Mangeskar is good hospital with good doc. But queue is too long n they r slow. You need to come before 7 am for getting bed for chemo. But chemo starts at 9 am. Medicine is little bit costly.


Get in touch with Dr. Shona (M.D. Oncologist) Nag in Pune


Orchids Breast Health.

The team of Dr .G. B. Koppiker, Medical Director and Onco Surgeon is excellent.