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Breast cancer survivor

Hello beauties.... So I'm Shilpa and I'm from Jaipur. My story goes like this-in Nov 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. It was just bout to enter stage had already gone till nodes. So it was a shock for me n my family. I'm a mother of a 3 year old girl child who was 2 when I was diagnosed. So we immediately started with my treatment at Hcg Ahmedabad. I got a chemo port done by surgery. I took 8 cycles of chemo first. In a month I came to know that I was also her2+ and BRCA positive which means it came bcoz of heredity n genetics. So now it was about both money and health. I was given 18 cycles of target therapy which is herclon which I'm still taking. 4 more left. In April I had my surgery and I decided to go for double mastectomy although I had cancer in left. I wanted my ovaries also to be removed coz I was at a high risk of ovarian cancer and ryt breast cancer so I got them removed. Chances are yet not zero but yes they are low now. After this whole surgery I underwent radiation therapy of 25 days. All my husbands salary and medical cover etc already exhausted in all dis. We took help from my mom also. Still we had to take herclon. Then my brother told me bout Milaap website and I started a campaign for myself for crowd funding. It really helped me a lot. As per policy of Roche you get one injection free after every 5 inj. So I got one and I will be getting one more hopefully. But trust me guys whosoever wants financial support pls try milaap once. Post your story and ur genuine reports n pics to the public and u will be helped. It's been a year now. My Dr said I'm cancer free now but what's in store in future for me nobody knows. Yes I have some prob with my left hand fluid coz my nodes were removed. I get swelling also when I work. I have to keep pumping my hand to get the fluid down but this can't stop me from living my life the way I want it. I do all my housework, take care of my family, cook, dance, party, enjoy. I'm also looking for a job now. I do gymming. Keep myself fit n healthy. So, any suggestions on this I'll be more then happy to answer ur queries. Pls connect with me for mental n emotional support. Thanks

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Hello Shilpa. Nice to hear you have completed the treatment. Congrats. Enjoy life with you baby girl and your family n friends. God has given a bonus to you. Enjoy, keep smiling & helping others


Tysm team. I had a query if you have any support and awareness group in Jaipur and which I can join? Pls lemme know of it


I am so happy for you and your family! Early detection is everything!



I am Manorama I had the same as you

My left breast removed HERPositive so took Hertz mylon company biosimiliar of Herceptin .Yes I too got for 4 vials one free. It's been one year I am free of cancer

I am 58 years old

I am taking ayurvedic treatment from Ramaiah hospital in malleswaram Bangalorei

I feel I am active and fresh

Feel free to talk to me



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