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Want to the differences of the medicines

What is the basic difference among herceptin, herclon, biceltis, hertraz?

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Herceptin is the International Brand from Roche / Genentech (the Original Innovator Product)

Herclon (original Molecule) is the Indian Brand of Roche.

Biceltis is also (original molecule) ... Made by Roche and sold to Emcure and Emcure markets it.

Hertraz is Biosimilar ... to Herceptin (Manufactured by Mylan)

There are 20 Biosimilars available world wide and at least 5 Biosimilars marketed in India under different Brand names.

A biosimilar (also known as follow-on biologic or subsequent entry biologic) is a biologic medical product which is almost an identical copy of an original product that is manufactured by a different company. Biosimilars are officially approved versions of original "innovator" products, and can be manufactured when the original product's patent expires. (Herceptin patent expired in 2014)


sir is CANMAB as effective as HERCEPTIN




any side effects during paclitaxel+canmab



Please consult your Oncologist whose job is to tell you the side-effects of this combination Vs the anticipated benefits of this treatment.

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