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Recurring breast cancer after double mastectomy

Has anyone had recurring breast cancer after a double mastectomy? I had 2 different cancers in both breasts. Right breast had more lymph nodes involved. I also had chemo. This was in 2002. I'm having chest pain on right side and frightened about recurring breast cancer in chest wall. Anyone have any advice. Thankyou.

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Chest pain after breast surgery is common. It is due To neuropathy. If there is only pain and no other symptom, you can take analgecis for a while. If pain doesn't settle, of course, the right thing to be done is to see your Oncologist.

If thoughts of recurrence are bothering you, please do not worry at all, pain alone is usually not a sign of recurrence at all. Take care.


Thankyou so much for your quick reply.


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