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Cough syrup that can be used with tamoxifen

My mother is a 54 yr old MBC pt with metastasis to bones and pleural effusion. She has taken 6 cycles of ec chemotherapy and is on a break since end of September. She is currently on tamoxifen. Recent xray suggests return of pleural effusion and doctors hv asked to wait for a month before starting treatment.. but meanwhile she is suffering from coughing. Which cough syrup can be used with tamoxifen because of interactions of certain cough medications with inhibition of cyp2d6 pathway? Kindly help..thanks

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I don't think there should be an issue in using any of them.

As a matter of rules, we cannot advise medicines on forum without seeing patients. I suggest you consult your oncologist if in doubt and take any standard cough syrup. If it doesn't settle, you can hike up to Codeine based ones. However, with pleural effusion present, cough syrup may have limited effect.

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Thanks for the prompt reply sir! I did discuss it with my doctor.. he gave me a prescription for corex dx and he wasn't concerned too much abt it either..I think I'm jus being extra precautious here. Abt the pleural effusion he has suggested to wait for a month so I think cough syrups are the only option for now. Thanks again


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