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Herceptin price and finance help


After 4 chemo cycles adjuvent now my mom is on the pacxital 5 of 12 cycles.

Now doctor Said she will have to take herceptin since she is HER2+'ve . Fish analysis was done. What is this test?

Since my dad is retired govt. Employee we are not sure how we will go about finances. Have heard herceptin is costly and we will need 16doses.

We are trying hard to keep our and my mom's moral high. I am still not sure how to increase her will power?

Is there any online tried and tested site suggested for her?

What would be the cost of herceptin in mumbai.

All help from this forum is really appreciated

Thanks in advance.

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You can type 'Herceptin' in the search box, to see all other posts related to Herceptin and read, since so many questions have been asked and most of them are repetitive. For your convenience, here's the link, so you can just click it:

Search results for Herceptin:

Search results for FISH:

There are more than 30 threads with more than a 100 posts related to Herceptin, it's price, it's side effects, FISH, etc, Read them. It should be of help.

As regards finance, the best person who can help you is your Medical Oncologist, who has suggested Herceptin to be given. Ask him about any schemes that he knows of and all other details.


Fish test will exactly tell Her2 neu status and that is the final test to confirm her2neu status.

Herceptin drug is very costly almost 92k in HCG hospital bangalore and 75k in shankar hospital bangalore. Clinical trails are going for her2neu positive status patients there you can get the medicine freely.

Even my mother status is also same and we are taking the treatment in HCG hospital bangalore with very minimal price.

I still not understanding why your doctor has given 4 cycles of chemo without confirming Her2neu status. If you need more details you can contact me 9964471500.

Cancer is psychological disease and you can beat with positive mind.

Try to distract your mother's mind from the disease.

Be Strong, my prayers will be their for your mother. Everything will be fine.

All the Best..


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