Seroma at operative place with hole & depth

As all of u know that my mother's breast cancer operation took place on dated 28/5/16 & stiches removed completely on dated 14/6/16. But, after that on dated 28/6/16, we saw that fluid coming out to penetrate the stiches. all of us afraid to ser that, immediately i contacted to surgeom who operated. He told that do not panic at all. It is seroma, which generally occured after such surgery. Only required proper dressing & wound be filled gradually. But, i am very afraid to see all the things, there is hole with depth. Please suggest me for proper reason & treatment. Is there any seriousness in this case? Please suggest me...pls

Manish kumar

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  • It is not feasible for me to answer this without seeing it myself, as to where exactly is the wound, the surrounding, the separation and so many other things. I can understand your anxiety. Don't worry, just follow what your oncologist says and I am sure soon it will heal. As for Seroma, all patient have that to some extent, and it slowly dries off. So don't worry. Take care.

  • I developed a seroma after my lumpectomy which my doctor ended up draining. Most important is to look out for any signs of infection. Your mother needs to be seen right away if she develops a fever, the skin becomes red and hot, or if the discharge is white or very bloody. If your mother is very concerned a check by her surgeon should put her at ease.

  • Manish - the fluid will slowly get decreasing day by day. Don't worry - it will be OK - just be in touch with your doctors also

  • Thank you very much all of you for much needed guide & suggestion. I would like to mention here that main concern is healing issue. Fluid is not too much discharging. Pls guide me about proper treatment of wound.

  • If you feel the wound is not healing properly or need advice about how to care for it at this point, please have your mother visit the surgeon.

  • Thank you very much...

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