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Am i at risk of breast cancer

i am 29 yrs old lives in Bangalore. ..just 6 months back I got married, 3 mnths back I meet gynecologist as I had UTI and I informed her i am planning for a baby so she gave consevel tablet ..after taking dis tablets I started getting pain on both the breast but now I get pain only in my right side breast … pain comes just 4 to 5 days before my periods… later I won’t feel any pain. I hv self examined my breast I won’t feel any lumps there…I worried is it a sign of breast cancer??

My mother (52yrs) has been diagnosed for Kidney cancer no family history of breast cancer.. am I at risk of breast cancer? Plz do reply I am fully tensed

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Dear reethu:

Please don't get tensed & don't panic. It's good to be alert. I can understand your state of mind when your mom is also not well. Be strong & positive. Let's see what doctors on this forum have to say.

Take care




From what you have described, there does not seem to be anything to worry about. This is a standard symptom in Pre Menstrual Syndrome. For most women, this pain lasts for 4 to 5 days prior to periods and then goes away and most women will have PMS at some point of time in their lives. Pain as such is not an indicator on anything major. The main concern is a palpable lump. If there is no lump that you can feel, you need not worry. Please do not let any thoughts of cancer enter your mind.

I suggest that you can take a couple of pain killers for a while if pain is disturbing you. Watch it over the next cycle. If the pain still persists, or it increases, then it would be advisable to consult your doctor. They might prescribe some forms of vitamins or GLA and such things which do help in Pre menstrual syndromes


This seems to be due to PMS. Taking Vit B1 has been thought to lessen the pain.


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