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Need suggestion

My age is 25 yr. Over a year ago in my left breast i found a lump which was a fibroadenoma as tested by F.N.A.C test. It was removed by surgery. And now again i felt another lump grows in my right breast. I consulted with doctor (surgeon). And they do not suggest any test and saying it's fibroadenoma again nothing else and suggesting for surgey. Is it fine? I should not follow up any further test as my previous lump was a fibroadenoma ? I should go for surgery or should take F.N.A.C test before it?

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Fibroids are common in 20 to 30 age group. Since your surgeon has suggested that it's a fibroid again, I guess it should not be a cause of concern as such. Whether to remove it or not is a delicate decision based on how it big it is and a few other factors. Occasionally, for very small fibroids we avoid surgery; but for bigger ones, we prefer surgery. The right thing to do would be to ask your surgeon in detail about same and also whether you can wait for some time or not. Apart from this, I cannot advise you much because it all depends on the clinical examination.

So don't worry, and take a proper call with your surgeon. All will be fine.

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