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My Wife who was diagnosed stage-3 in June 2011 and has been ER+,PR+,HER- and she is on Tamoxifen

since last 2 months, she developed mild tremors in both hands(only while doing some action) and slurred voice

we went to oncologist who ordered a brain mri with contrast in a reputed hospital which by Gods grace was totally normal and and he told us that this is not cancer related and he referred us to Nurologist

Neurologist conducted a nerve conduction study (NCS) and even that was Normal and diagnosed her with--ACTION TREMOR And prescribed Propanol-40 twice a day

The Tremor and slurred speech improved but did not clear so Neurologist asked us to do 2 test of PARA NEO PLASTIC SYNDROME (SERUM IgG AND Hu) , both were negative and then he sent us to psychiatrist as he thank that the symptoms were psycological

The Psychiatrist started her on CIPRALEX -10MG AND ZAPIZ-0.5 AND SHE IS BETTER BY MORE THAN 80%

BUT the voice tremor & Hand tremor still persists , although better by 80% AND Only seen when the cicumstances are Stressful

can you plz guide me All doctors like our oncologist ,Nuerologist and psychiatrist believe it to be psychologic

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Honestly, without seeing it and without a thorough clinical examination, it would be difficult for any of us to comment anything.

It is not necessary that symptoms are psychological. There are some causes sometimes, which are difficult to assess. One thing that I can tell you is, whatever the cause, it does not seem to be anything major, else the tests would have showed up something; so please don't worry about that. Besides, since you feel that the tremors are improving after the medication, it is definitely a good sign. I would suggest you to be in touch with your doctors and I am sure, over some time, the problems will settle.


Does it seem to cancer related ? Since brain MRI with contrast was totally normal ?


Does not seem to be cancer related, especially since MRI is normal and your Oncologist has assessed her and does not feel so. It must be something else.


I don't think there is anything more frustrating than having symptoms which are very real, but which doctors can't explain. You don't say how long your wife has been on the new medications. Hopefully with a little more time things will settle down. If they don't, don't be afraid to question things with her doctors or get other opinions. It can be easy to just give up when not getting answers. I hope your wife feels better soon!



When all tests are done and they are negative, we say an organic lesion has been ruled out and the problem cause is Functional.

Continue with these medications given by psychiatrist and neurologist and avoid any stressful situations. Time is the best healer.

We are all so busy in our lives, that we can find time off work. Take your wife on a holiday, plan out something for her this summer vacation, surprise her ( in a good way), cheer her up, pamper her... Half of her worries will disappear and you will both have a happy life ahead.

Bless you both !

With best wishes

Dr Rohit Malde


Thank you Dr Sumeet and Dr Rohit


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