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Advancements in cancer treatment discussed at Indian Science Congress meet held at Mumbai University on Tuesday

News item in today's TOI. researchers from across the globe were gathered including Dr. Rajendra Badwe, Director of TMH. Nanjoo Suh from US spoke on how targetting cancer stem cells with cancer preventive agents such as vitamin d, triterpenoids,tocopherols(vitamin E compound) and other nutritional factors may contribute to slowing of breast cancer progression. Shall be grateful if Dr Sumeet/Dr Rohit could get full text of Dr. Suh's presentation and put up on this site if feasible. Think this will be very useful for all of us.

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yes, it will be very helpful.


Targeting cancer stem cells with cancer preventive agents i must admit is one of the very bright ideas which remains a hypothesis question as there are subtle indicators from preclinical experimental models in laboratory in cells and in animals, which has shown some efficacy.

To date i am not aware of any large commerical clinical trial which has yet initiated or been planned to answer this question. (Though i may be proven wrong, if there is some Phase III trial initiated somewhere in the world).

For the layman and even medical professionals, this link is a nice starter for the newbies

PS: Sorry i dont have access and have not registered for this conference at Mumbai Univ

Dr Rohit Malde

Consultant Clinical & Radiation Oncologist

BNH HCG Cancer Centre

Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital

Vile Parle, Mumbai


Thanks Dr. Rohit for the link. Things which are at the research stage or trial stage may not have much implication for us at the moment. However, it is mentioned that nutritional factors were also discussedand this is what I am interested in. Where could I find out how to access this. Could the TMH research centre be of help.


I am not aware of the research projects conducted in India and TMH, however internationally western countries have done little bit of research and perhaps if you are very keen and interested i would suggest, go through a list of some 35 videos on greens and other nutritional factors and its effect on the Stem cells.

Of interest, please find this link on Brocolli Vs Breast Cancer Stem cells. Please review these videos at your leisure time, and if you come across any intersting facts, you could summarize for us and let us know if there is credible and robust evidence out there to support this hypothesis on this important topic you have raised on targeting cancer stem cells.

All the best !


Thanks, roxboxfox!


greenbear, I did ask my colleagues who had been there. They dont have a copy of the reviews you have asked for, but will see in next few days if I can manage to get it.


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