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Energy level of body after completion of one year of treatment

Now almost a year is completing after chemo and radiation - but the energy level of my sister is still very low. It is app 40% as compared to it was before treatment. Still she is feeling very tired after doing some work. Even in our profession she is finding difficult to concentrate. Feeling tense - as to when the energy level of the body will be completely fine.

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Dear Kontak, one year is more than enough to get rid from chemo toxicity...personal opinion- if there is no medical problem, healthy eating habit is enough to get the energy...i would say if she start practicing yoga, definitely she will get mental and health benefit.


Well, for most people, they do feel normal by a year or so. However, many women do have lingering effects of treatment, including tingling in fingers and toes, weakness and some other effects. Maybe a little more time, and I am hopeful your sister will have her energy levels to at least 90% of her earlier.


Kontak - Many of my friends have found that it takes time to get their energy back. As much as it sounds counterintuitive, many have found that exercise helps more than anything else. Just walking, for many, is helpful and one can build up the distance little by little. Is your sister eating well? Sometimes one's sense of taste is changed and so people don't eat as well as they were before treatment. I hope you will be reporting soon that your sister is feeling better,



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