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Dear sir , is it possible second time surgery to remove the tumor near spinal cord ? chemotherapy can work in this condition ?

my mother in law has on complete bedrest due to tumor surgery near spinal cord , she cant walk presently , again it is found in reports that , there may be a another tumor near previous surgery spot , so which is the suitable way to recover this condition ?

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Hi bhavar - really feel sorry to hear for your mother in law. My sister had 3 surgeries within a month on the same breast. Regarding your case we will wait for the doctor to help. Meantime take care


If you can provide more information, it will help me guide you.

1. What is the cancer, that your mother in law is suffering from? What is her age?

2. When was the first surgery done

3. What does your Oncologist say, as to the presence of one more tumour.


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