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Whether taking milk is good for cancer patients and is it good for health during chemo and radiation

i m advised to take milk and i take twice a day cow milk without sugar but now told in this forum that milk increases risk of recurrence of cancer or increases the risk of cancer. Want to know that is milk good for cancer patients and if yes how much and what precautions should be taken while taking milk

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I dont know about the side effects, but my mother (had frsy chemo on June 13th, 2013) has also been advised to take milk twice a day. She is taking it whenever she is able to. She has developed some kind of resistance for milk and milk products. She is unable to eat paneer or curd or drink milk. But still as its good for us and milk is the one good source of proteins for vegetarians we do give it to her.

I would like to know if its harmful for her as well. Thanks for the thread and insight.

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HI MG - I also know one of our neigbourer Aunty who had breast cancer - she was having lots of milk during and after treatment.

We would like to know the answer


Hello MG

I Was also advice by Doctor to take milk twice with protene powder during chemo.

Like to know the right information.


your doctors advise should be right information, so please follow that



Dr Sumeet may answer this question correctly.Milk may Promote the mucus formation in some persons due to casein but it is not true in all cases.


I was having mucinious carcinoma, a rare type of breast cancer which accounts for 2-3% of breast cancer. I do'nt take milk products much because I feel indigestion after having them and sometime congestion in throat.


Well, milk is fine, it boost immunity. But take only as much as you can. Don't force yourself into drinking too much of it. If you can tolerate it, well and good. If you can't, even one glass a day is fine. Not only milk, this goes for all healthy food.

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Even I couldnot make out the logic behind milk and BC. But the internet is full of information reg the same. It seems the incidence of BC is very low in China ( as compared to USA and UK) and they dont drink milk or have milk products there..hence the association maybe


I know the growth hormones they give to cows is of concern. Trace amounts pass into the milk fat. It's thought the hormones may fuel cancer cell growth.

Then there's people having trouble with the lactose.

My brother, who's going through chemo, drinks Horizon brand 2% lactose-free milk, not treated with growth hormones, and he likes it a lot. You can find it at Walmart and some other stores. Can't say for sure that it's the best thing to drink, maybe there's other issues with milk I'm unaware of, but it's probably much healthier than normal milk.


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