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clear water like discharge from left breast (single duct)

hi, Iam 26 female married and mom of 24 month old. I have never nursed my baby. from past a month around, I have clear, water like, silky discharge from left nipple (single duct), it is rarely spontaneous. I have cold, sour throat and irregular stools (white in color). Something that I really wonder about is, I lost my desire for sex and I don't have any post sex discharge. Iam hyper th and using neomercazole! Is it anywhere connected? I approached obg with these issues but she ignored highlighting my age which doesn't fall under the age group of BC. Should I take the discharge seriously? Plz advice, thanks in advance.

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A clear and watery discharge is a common symptom, which many ladies will have at some point in their life time. Occasionally, thyroid disorders might be associated with discharge, but they tend to be in both breasts. Single duct discharges are usually due to conditions of the duct, like infection, papillomas, etc. If it is a single duct discharge, just keep a watch over a month or so. In a majority of ladies, it may settle on its own. If it doesn't, then you may seek a medical attention, preferably from a surgeon, not a gynec.


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