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Clinical trial for ae37

While reading about BC read about trials being on for ae37 a vaccine (I guess) for node positive n her2 positive women. .your insights Drs n also possibility of trials in India.Also I wanted to know if our pathology report can tell what level of axillary lymph nodes were removed.I had positive lymph nodes and at times I worry like crazy... sometimes I am able to console myself.Or maybe the fact about the location of lymph nodes is just superfluous. Please tell me what you think of the above vaccine n how we can benefit from the same.

Thanks n hugs to all

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Hi Richa,

I am not aware of the details of this trial and vaccine. Will surely find some info and let you know.

As for the level of axillary lymph nodes, the pathology report will not mention the levels of axillary lymph nodes. They wouldn't know. The level is known by a surgeon. Usually, we remove the levels one and two together along with the main breast specimen. We remove level 3 separately and send them to the pathologist in a separate container, so the pathologist knows this is level 3 (apical nodes). Because if level 3 nodes are positive, the disease stage will be higher.


Dr Sumit

Thanks for your reply and information.Would like to know under what condition are the apical nodes removed.Also is LVI present for all node positive cancers.Have a great Sunday all and as I was watching 3 Idiots lets keep telling ourselves that 'Aall is well'

Take care all

Hugs Richa


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