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Trust your doctor


This was my first post on my blog "Random Reflections of a Breast Surgeon" and I thought of sharing it here (this is my first post in this forum as well).

New meaning of "Trust"

Like most of us during childhood, I also wanted to fly and as I grew old I thought that Sky diving is the closest I am going to come to flying. During my visit to UK for my MRCS convocation ceremony, I decided to pursue my dream and booked a jump at Hinton Airfield (close to London).

The whole skydiving experience was amazing but it taught me a very important lesson about TRUST, which I felt was applicable during cancer treatment as well. Although comparing skydiving to cancer treatment would be like comparing apples to oranges but I would try to draw some comparisons to make my point.

Jumping from an airplane at 14,000 ft strapped to an instructor whom I had met for the first time that morning was a terrifying proposition but to fulfil my dream and I had to trust him. I was completely dependent on him to make it a ‘once in a life time experience’ and MORE IMPORTANTLY get me to the ground ALIVE. Similarly, a patient diagnosed with cancer approaches an unknown doctor (unless the patient comes from a family of doctors) to help them battle the disease and help them live. Trust in both cases is of paramount importance. In my personal experience, I have seen patients who have trusted the team of doctors doing well and suffering from less anxiety and side effects as compared to patients who shop for doctors and delay their treatment because of that.

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I believe in trusting your doctor. I think if you don't trust a doctor, then you should keep looking for one till you find the one you can put your utmost trust in. The relationship between a doctor and a patient is based on trust and hope. I think that a good doctor is always looking out for his/her patient, and as a patient I know when I meet someone who I can put my utmost trust in.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I want to go sky-diving too. I think i will do that once my daughter is 16 and does not worry as much about me :) Or when she isn't the monkey on my back (even though I never want my little monkey to leave).


You should definitely do it. BTW..enjoyed reading your story. Very inspiring.


Very well said, Rohan. And very true.

Rohan - Working with a doctor you trust is gold. Your description of your sky diving experience is very much like the relationship we look for in a doctor - someone who will get us to the ground safely, though I can't imagine sky diving myself. I also agree with Shikha that if your instincts tell you that you are dealing with the wrong doctor you should move on. My first experience with an oncologist for my Leukemia was not a good one. I now have a doctor who is the perfect match for me and who I trust completely. I was blessed to find that for my breast cancer right away. Not only do I feel that I am getting the best medical care possible, but knowing that my doctor is on top of things makes a big difference in my state of mind. Sites like this are a great resource for those newly diagnosed who need help finding a doctor or medical center.


Dear dr khandelwal . we are missing your activiyy in this forum. please keep sharing your valuable suggestions as an oncologist. together we have to spread cancer awareness.we have to fight cancer.



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