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chemo options with abnormal echocardiogram


Hi everybody. Newly diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer, evidently with mets due to positive nodes under arm and up neck. Just went for echocardiogram and received call to meet with cardiologist next week due to abnormality. What sort of chemo options are there for abnormal heart patients? I am 67 years old.

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This has to be one for the oncologists I think.

janyoshi in reply to Happyrosie

Okay, that's fine, Happyrosie. Thank you!

I don't know what the options are for chemo, but if they say you need radiation please, please get a cardiologist involved in the decisions. I did not do that and now pay the price because of too much radiation. I went through 72 rounds of rads because of 2 breast cancers and then a mega dose for lung cancer. Wish I had followed my instincts and gotten my cardiologist involved - at the very least through getting 2nd opinions!

janyoshi in reply to anrean

Thank you, Anrean. I understand what you're saying. I thank God for the internet, because I have already learned sooooo much about cancer within the past three weeks since my diagnosis. I have been a psychotherapist half of my life and taught my clients to remain positive, and so, I've been trying to practice that myself. I was keeping my thoughts positive, but this news about an abnormal heart really threw me for a loop. I really have no idea what the cardiologist is going to tell me next week, and so, I'll try not to think the worst.

Redalert123 in reply to janyoshi

Hi there,

I also have triple positive breast cancer, and I understand the echocardiogram was to get a baseline on your heart function as Herceptin, used to treat HER2positive cancer, affects your heart.

So my guess would be that an issue with the heart might affect if you can have Herceptin, rather than chemo.

I hope you are ok and that the wait to find out more does not feel too long.

janyoshi in reply to Redalert123

Oh thank you, Redalert123. Yes, I also learned online that Herceptin can potentially cause heart damage. Well, I guess my oncologist believes that risk is lesser than curing my cancer, because I had a one hour teaching on my chemo treatment Friday afternoon and one of the meds in my chemo cocktail is Herceptin. I remember my dad had a heart attack and doctor put him on Coumadin afterwards. Two years later he died of internal bleeding, because he had Chron's disease. Doctors have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Oh well....I'm just gonna continue to live my fullest each and every day. That's really what we're supposed to do regardless of anything else. We should live in the present, because every day is a present. I wish you the best.

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