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Hi had lumpectomy followed by 5 days of radiotherapy because I am at high risk from covid 19 to spend as little time out as possible higher doses of radiotherapy was given so basically 15 day treatment in 5. This was in March on Friday I felt what I think is a lump but not sure if it’s thickness due to radiotherapy I asked my best friend and mother if they could feel anything just so I wasn’t imagining it they both said they could I’m going to phone the breast care unit tomorrow to get it checked. My question is has anyone after having radiotherapy experience some sort of thickness after it xx

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Hi there

First of all no 2 people will ever have same symptoms - similar maybe .. is the lump/thickness in your boob ? is it near where the operation scar is?

RT will can do all sorts of nasty things to your body and for some your boob and parts of your body will never quite feel the same again -

thickness can be scar tissue which will almost never go

Yes your BCN will be best person to speak to and hopefully see rather than GP as its their field of expertise

Take care stay safe


My friend had the same happen recently, all checked out ok, just scar tissue from lumpectomy I think she was told, but they checked it all out for her.

Hi. Yes I have, had my lumpectomy in March but didn't get my 5days of radiotherapy until June. In between I had a check up and the consultant said it was normal. I would mention it to the Dr/nurse. Everyone is different and you don't need any more worries

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