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Seroma advice please and help!

So had two lots of surgery which all seemed to go well. Last one being node clearance on the 8th Dec. 22 they took out, all clear which should make me ecstatic. Trouble is I got a really large Seroma which was drained (1 pint they took out) and I felt really really ill. Temp of 101, cold sweats. Aches and pains all over. This was Tuesday. It's now started building up again and although they have offered to drain it again tommorow, I am loathed to do so because it made me so Ill. They have said there is no infection but I really am in a lot of pain that tablets don't seem to touch. I have a high pain threshold, but this is really starting to get me down. Any one any tips or advice as to how to deal with this other than draining. 😥😥😥😥 Thank you xx

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I had similar symptoms when my saromas filled. It was the filling and swelling that made me feel ill and draining was a huge relief. I had a double mastectomy and left axilla clearance of all lymph nodes. Unfortunately mine were infected. The lymphatic fluid has nowhere to go now. It took about two months for it to settle. With weekly drainage for the first month then a form of ‘weaning’ stretching the time of draining between sessions until my body was able to handle the fluid. All good now though. What if you take a couple of paracetamol before the draining? I wonder if they would help stave off those reactions? All the best and I hope it gets sorted soon xxxx


Hi ph am so so sorry you have to go through this & can totally understand how you feel - I had seromas aspirated 3 times then an infection on the SLN incision line- the antibiotic finally totally cleared it all- before that mine were not infected either. Try to get through the draining & take the pain Med before you go as someone suggested. It is better to get it drained if large as puts pressure on incision & gives relief. They really do get smaller & eventually go away. My MD let me do warm compresses at one point which were incredibly comforting but ask first. She also had me take Motrin regularly for a week but ask your MD about that also

Very Best for you & hope you feel better soon

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Thanks Pommer, sorry not to have replied. Sadly things got worse as ended up draining then a whole load of other complications but now hopefully on the mend. :) xx


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