How to care for my poor bald scalp

Wondered if anyone has advice on looking after my scalp, now that my hair has walked away. Should I wash it daily or less frequently, should I use shampoo, shower gel or other, should I apply moisturizer? I know that I need to keep my head covered to protect it from the sun and have a wig, hats and scarves but just not sure how else to look after my poor head. Thanks Caroline

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  • Hi Caroline. I lost all my hair and was like a billiard ball. I just washed my scalp with soap and water but I also rubbed coconut oil into it (more because I love it) however it kept my scalp soft and I never had any itching scalp when my hair began to grow again. I tended not to wear hats (I never even considered a wig) so when my hair heee back it has actually grown thicker than it ever was. I think having fresh air and the use of the oils may have helped :)

  • Thanks lainey for the tips. Coconut oil sounds good. Caroline

  • I just used to wash mine in the shower with a very gentle natural shampoo. Once it was shaved I had no trouble with itching. I only wore my scarf when I was out to protect it from the sun. I used to let the air get to it in the office and the house.

  • Thank you angel. From what everyone says, it does seem to be best to leave your head uncovered where possible. Caroline

  • Treat it gently but also keep it moisturised. I always washed my hair in the bath so still used to wash my head then but never used anything on it except the bubbly water.

  • Thank you angelmummi. I feel clearer now about using something to moisturize my scalp, which of course is something I have never done before, rather using conditioner. Caroline

  • I also used argan oil and coconut oil every day. It kept my scalp moisturised and it helps the hair as it grows back. Argan oils claims that it increased hair growth as well. Don't know if it does, but certainly helps with the condition of the hair - so does coconut oil! 😊

  • Really helpful Loulitte - thanks for your message. It seems like this is the route to go. Caroline

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