I find out on March 3rd that I have invasive ductal carcinoma and also ductal carcinoma in situ but I'm confused because I do self breast exams like every other day I have had 6 tumors removed in the last 8 years all which were benign . I have my mammograms every 6 months along with an ultrasound every 6 months ago . They always say worrisome finbings. As a matter of fact when they found the microcalcifications on my mammogram on the 3rd they told me that I have no worriesome findings on that mammogram and ultrasound as well and that ended up being breast cancer. I had no symptoms except low vitamin D. so I'm wondering how long my mammogram and ultrasounds have said no worrisome findings but i was sick the whole time. What symptoms occur first? Does it hurt?

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  • I had a lump which got bigger and became painful to lie on. I went to my gp urgent two week referral to breast clinic. Had mamogram and biopsy there and was told straight away what I had and they did mastectomy few weeks later and lymph node removal then chemo and radiotherapy. I then had reconstruction a year later. This was in 2010.

  • Hi Corean

    How awful for you. It sounds like you've been let down by the medical profession?

    I had no symptoms, well no physically aches or pains at all. I had my first mammogram day after my 50th birthday - early October 2016. I was called back for a biopsy of a shadow on the mammogram and the biopsy proved the presence of breast cancer. I rarely checked myself but never felt any lumps even tho I had developed grade 2 stage 2 invasive lobular carcinoma which is apparently not easy to find from self examination.

    How did your March 3rd mammogram and ultrasound change from nothing worrisome to microcalcifications? I presume a second / different person reviewed them after the initial diagnosis?

    It seems to me you need to direct this question back to the people who told you there were no 'worrisome findings' when, in fact, there were. And or to the second person / team who diagnosed microcalcification. And maybe do so in writing?

    I myself could be called cynical as I struggle to believe / accept what I'm told by the medical people as so often the information I'm given has gaps.

    Good luck with going back and asking your question. You can always post on here, any time, any question.

    Best wishes Debbie 🌹😊xx

  • In 2010 I felt a lump in my right breast but it seemed to come and go so I didn't go to the doctors for about a month. Also I kept getting what I thought was mastitis but it was under both arms.

    When I finally went to the doctors, she told me that it was just fatty tissue. I did accept this as I did know that I had a routine mammogram appointment 2 weeks later. After my mammogram, I was called back to the hospital for more years which turned out to be a biopsy. I knew straightaway that it was bad news. I had a lumpectomy and lymph node clearance, chemo and radiotherapy

    I can't help with your diagnosis being somewhat delayed but I wish you all the best with your journey. You are bound to be angry and frustrated but this site is a wonderful place to air your frustrations. Keep us posted xx

  • Hi there, I had absolutely no pain when i found my lump and then two further lumps close to my ribs. I also had all my lymph nodes on the left removed. All the time I had no pain. One second I was out and about, living and loving life, just found that I was unusually tired. The next it was aggressive chemo regimes, double mastectomy and lymph node removal, more chemo then radiotherapy. Now I am back to enjoying life in a different way, taking early retirement and filling my days with activities I enjoy - on saying that I am just about to start the house work 🙄 Joy! Lol. I wish you well in your treatment and hope you make a full recovery. Lainey 🌹🌹

  • My Doc told me cancer can be growing in us for 5 years before it will show on a mammogram. Also said it's better if found on scan rather then on our own. It will usually show on scans first. I had invasive ductal and in situ too. I am on a vitamin d because mine is low too. I had been getting sharp pains in my breasts but not sure if that is related to the cancer. Good luck.

  • Hi Confused,

    I haven't read the previous comments yet, so I hope I'm not repeating. I am answering because I too am confused! Confused as to why there is still so much experimentation in this area after so many years and so much money. I had two previous 'benign' tumours removed as well. Then, years later - another lump! It was in exactly the same place. I wasn't in a situation where I could get it sorted so ignored it, thinking it was probably the same as before, and dreading another core biopsy for nothing. It grew very, very slowly - by feel anyway, I reckon I had had it for three years before I saw to it. By then I could feel some slight stabbing pains ( it was that which made me go). When I did go ( Sept. 2016) it was two tumours, one breast both cancer, and it had been partying around my liver and lungs.

    I guess my point is that from my ( now) extensive reading of the subject it seems that those 'benign' lumps can turn cancerous when our bodies immune system fails to correct the problem at the start. And that happens when we don't keep up all the nutrients we need and load stress on top for extended periods. One of the things I read was cancer patients present with low levels of vitamin D. I phoned my oncologist to ask what my D level was and he said " I don't know, you'll have to ask your GP, usually by the time I get a patient they don't have any vitamin D"! I was shocked. When I finally got mine checked ( my GP didn't know) I had been on three times the daily recommendation for one month and it was still just under normal. So, start your supplements if you haven't already and feed your body with nutrients as if food was your pharmacy. Im so sorry that you have to go through this after your diligence with checking yourself etc, but don't stop being responsible for your health, no one knows your body better than you. Listen to it and you will be better in no time. 🌺❤

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