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Missing posts technology ay! Cording update / drop in centres!

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Hello ladies I am not receiving updates automatically so just want you all to know am still here sending support and hugs and love where needed and trying to reply where relevant πŸ™πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ.

I'm currently 3 chemo's down with 3 to go - feeling there is light at the end of the tunnel. Black nail polish here I come!

Am benefitting - hugely I feel - from the attention to my cording in my armpit! I've had 3 massages from a therapist at The Haven wessex now, she also showed my husband what to do as she is off now for a few weeks. The same lady also massages my scar as that is tight and tender in places so I try and so the same.

I'm now 14 weeks post surgery and all the bc nurse say is it can take a year to settle down and physiotherapists don't know what they're doing.........it seems wrong to me to wait that long to address something that could have, in the meantime got worse......

In all honesty because I kept going on about I did finally get a referral from the bc nurses at 9.5 weeks post surgery to the hospital gym but again, 2 visits in and all he said is more gentle exercises - which, amusingly I had to remember! as no written treatment plan - followed by 2x10minutes on bike and treadmill. How does that help cording?

Exercise has been a challenge due to lethargy, picc line & 5 weeks of continuing phlebitis.....

Oh dear! This was intended as a positive post!!

I am taking note of the advice on staying positive 😌 , am blessed with an incredible husband, sister and brother for support and have finally found the courage to approach a local support group and to go into a couple of drop in centres. Having my support network far away has made me protect my privacy quite fiercely from all the strangers in my new town so am relieved to have found it's ok to talk to strangers 😌.

Hoping this has some value to others πŸ™‚.

With best wishes for a sunny Thursday! 🌹😌.

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You sound like you are doing good Deb, I think Angela put a post on from a breast cancer surgeon that had BC she had really bad cording, and finally found a physiotherapist that sorted it out, if you look at her link on Mrs Nails it was a really good and inspiring read.

The light is at the end of your tunnel, treatment will so be over, hopefully you will book at lovely holiday maybe for the send of it? I had a cruise booked, and it was just lovely xx

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Ah thanks a lot Deb and yes I remember that post! I've forgotten I haven't read it yet, will now do so, many thanks for the reminder.

You too had a cruise? Well I must join that club! πŸ˜πŸ›³πŸ‘πŸ».

Thanks again for the reply Xx


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