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Hello all you wonderful ladies as I write this tonight I think of all of us that are fighting and winning, fighting and losing, giving up!!Worrying about today worrying about tomorrow ..Since my diagnosis 10 years ago I,ve lost my mother and father a grandaughter my darling husband and just this morning a most loved friend at the too young age of 41 .Life is too short to waste it worrying about something we can't control. I didn't think I would be, but I,m still here whilst many I,ve loved are gone.Stay strong stay positive all you lovely ladies 💜wishing you all the good things xxxx

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  • Oh my how much sadness you must have suffered to lose so many loved ones and deal with it all, including your diagnosis you are one strong lady ..your words are so right..carpe diem i hope that you will experience great health and many happy times ahead xx

  • You're so right - life is far to short. You definitely have to live for today and count your blessings.

    Sending love


  • Sending love and hugs your way xxx

  • Sending love and hugs. Stay strong

  • I couldn't agree more with you . I lost my sister 9 years ago at the age of 49. Since then I have always lived by the mantra of if you can do it, do it and try not to sweat the small stuff. Since my diagnosis I'm even more convinced that this is the way to go. Make the most of everyday and take pleasure in the little things, it's not about material stuff , that will be here long after we are! Sending you love and positive vibes at this difficult time for you, ❤xx

  • Since a few of our friends died over the course of a few years, we decided then that we must live for today. Then I was diagnosed and it made it so much more important. We had some fantastic holidays in the intervening years and I'm glad we did. Holidays are still on the agenda but a bit more difficult to arrange around treatments but we will get there. It is so important and to take advantage of days like today when the sun is shining and there is no rain. We will go for a walk later to enjoy the sunshine. Hope you are all enjoying sunshine this morning. Big hugs to you all and enjoy your day xx

  • Thank you for that post ! I literally just arrived back in Uk after a one adventure to try and get myself back on track after 5 years being in remission - I have had an amazing year for sure but the worry never leaves and holds me back . Having landed here this morning I feel lost and alone. I am worried silly about having no job no income no home and not wanting to be a burden - but your post reminded me . I am still fighting . In going to Argentina I was living and challenging myself ..and it has reminded me that I now have to find another focus to keep living -

  • Please don't feel alone. Keep posting on this site with your worries and someone will respond. I think you are very brave to have travelled to Argentina for a year on your own. If you can do that, everything will fall into place eventually. Do you have a support group locally? That might help initially

    It's great you have been in remission for 5 years. Hope it continues but I know what you mean it is always in the back of your mind. Good luck xx

  • I still have an agenda for the future to aim for though its on hold. I am still waiting for Chemo...then the short fight begins...too much waiting! In the wait I try to forget and paint. I for the first time I feel gratitude for those around me...and those I connect too that I never met...its an amazing world we live in. We are not alone, all we need do is reach out and support is there.

  • Wishing you all the good thing berylynn hope you sail through your chemo ✊xxx

  • Thanks Janny...on smooth water!

  • What an amazing year you must have had👏👏I,m sure you,ll find a new focus soon ✊wishing you all the good things xxxx

  • Sorry that was for ElleeB lolxxx

  • Thank you.

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