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hair loss

last week i shaved all my hair stubble off felt better once i did ,left with rough scalp thought it would be nice to have a warm shower and wash my hair which i did except when i rinsed my hair off i noticed little hairs on my fingers that had come off the back of my head now have big bald patch from where the hair came from my nxt chemo is in 2days thinking now that could be whats left of scalp hair starting to fall out looks like it could be

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I have bald patches that's why mine came off as well as I hated having an untidy head ... I'm using baby shampoo to keep it moist and healthy what's good for the babes is good for me 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😘


Hi trg3 yes, I too am bald in patches - small vertical streaks on the back of my head presumably because of it being dubbed ff in my sleep - as well as being irregularly coloured all over! Rocking the salt and pepper look 😅.

I expected all my hair to simply fall out in one go so it took me by surprise that this didn't happen. I've had 2 chemo's and am still carrying stubble and still shedding nightly into my soft cotton beanie. Ah well, there you go........😉 We soldier on 👊😘😌

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