Underwear post DIEP reconstruction

Hi all I'm having a bit of a dilemma as to what underwear, bras especially, to get in readiness.

I underwent a mastectomy nearly 3 years ago and managed with sports bras that fastened at the back but of course this time I also have to consider the abdominal wound and also that my breasts are going to be smaller than they are at the moment. I have have normal range of movement in my shoulder at the moment and I'm able to wear crop bras at the moment but I'm not sure I will be able to get them on initially post op.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated xx

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  • You need tummy support knickers that come up under your boobs - firm support. And bras with a thick band under the boob. Sports bras tend to be ideal. Both items of underwear must be worn 24/7 apart from when washing. You'll be able to do them up. I had it done in August last year. All back to normal now, of course. If you need more info, just ask x

  • Were you able to do back fasteners? X

  • Yes, the reconstruction didn't hinder arm movement at all. It's your tummy that hurts! I couldn't stand up straight for about 3 weeks.

  • I am 8weeks post diep and my surgeon told me which bra to buy. He advised a shock absorber. I would ask which one your surgeon likes. Post op abdominal swelling was relieved by these amazing pants from lipoelastic UK. They have a zip at the side for getting on over scar and easy access for going to the toilet without removing pants. Expensive but worth it. I am still wearing them and will probably continue to for several months. I also bought their front fastening bra but I would get them post surgery to measure for the swelling. If you email the company for advice they respond straight away x hope this helps. Good luck. I am thrilled to have a cleavage back.

  • You can get bras that are very supportive and zip up the front, I had to wear mine 24/7. I was given one bra by my hospital, they should be able to tell you wear you can get more. Also one little tip as it is hard to bend over its worth getting a litter picker to pick up dropped items from the floor

  • Thank you ladies for the advice it's is gratefully received x

  • Marks and Spencer have a good range in store and on line vat free of course ..they are soft not wired anywhere mine the other day cost £15. Smooth underneath and at the sides nothing to dig into you ..I always fasten at front and twist round ..worth a look even if only to rule them out ....best of luck

  • Hi. I got front fastening bras from amazon after my op that were really good because the cup stretched to your correct size. Wishing you well with your op..

  • I always wear crop tops now tho not convinced they the best but they are the comfiest !! I had diep with other lifted to match ! I don't feel there is a lot of comfy onee put there ! Have you looked at company called amoema ?? They do some quite pricy but if needs be ! Good luck

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