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First mammogram since diagnosis, question??

Afternoon ladies. Tomorrow is my first mammogram since diagnosis and mastectomy etc...(obviously only on my remaining boob). I am wondering whether i will be given the result of this on the same day or do i have an agonising wait, hoping not. Looking for anyone to share their experience with this, thank you. Caroline xx

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I had one about 4 months ago and I didn't get the results on the day. I had a follow up appointment for something else at the hospital couple of weeks later and they told me then then that all was OK


I had lumpectomies. But after my first, and subsequent, mammograms I had to wait for the results to arrive in the post, I've got everything crossed for you x


Just had my first monogram from surgery last month. They don't give you the results on the day as a few people have to check it out first. I was told I would get the results at my review but I got a letter about 4 days later saying it was all clear. Great feeling. Try and think positive good luck x


Hi. I got my results in the post a few days after the mamo. Hope everything goes well. X


Hi , I had my first mammogram recently too, I was able to get provisional results on the day although waiting for final result. Wishing you well xx


I thought that also, and was told would come in the post!


I got my results in the post less than a week after the mammogram. I was amazed how quick it was. I wasn't really worried because I found my lump in my old breast well before I was due another routine mammogram so I felt I would know if there was anything wrong with my remaining breast from now on. I look upon annual mammograms as a safety net! Relax - no point worrying about something that may not even happen!


Hi cazlav.

I had my first mammogram in November... I had mastectomy with deip reconstruction. I had to ask if they were going to do my new boob? As I was panicking about how they would squash it 😂😂😂. Thankfully no.. 😅 I was checked over by the breast nurse then my consultant who was happy with everything before my mammogram. He told me I'd get the results in the post unless I really wanted to wait and get them later that day... Thankfully everything was as they said and it was all clear..

You could ask if you can get the results that day, might save you a bit of worry...

I can't believe the difference a year make... life is even better now...

good luck with your results. X


Hi cazlav

I must admit I was concerned before my 1st Mammogram following my Mastectomy.

I found my lump 2months after my routine Mammogram & was always a bit concerned there may have been something going on in the other breast.

Anyway, I rang my BCNurse before I went for the Mammogram & she kindly rang me as soon as the results were available & it was followed up with a letter a couple of days later before my Hospital Appointment.

Do ask if they can let you know as it's tough wondering especially over the Christmas Holidays.

Hope it all goes well for you 💐

And let us know how you get on

Best Wishes for 2017


Thank you for all your replies. Had the mammogram which wasn't half as bad as i was recalling!

Apparently i will get results anytime over next 4 weeks. Ive got oncology appointment on 29th so i will ask if result in if ive not had a letter before.


Good luck! I'm sure all will be fine. There shouldn't be a wait. Just a day or two maybe.


Hi i got my results a few weeks later as i was due my 6 month review so i got them then but if you are anxious ring them because the results are probably back,your breast care nurse might let you know ,its a worrying time i know how you feel but hopefully all will be ok .Thinking of you x


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